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Whew. A friend of mine tried uploading a 60 fps video to various video hosting sites, and most of them cut the frame rate to 30 fps. This doesn’t work for a 60 Hz game. For quality, youtube seems to be the best. For frame rate, only viddler was able to keep the 60 fps rate. However, viddler has a problem.

Viddler’s player has a lot of overhead. This is the 60 fps video

CPU usage in media player classic, exact .flv file on viddler: 12-16%.

CPU usage in VideoLAN, viddler file: 5-9%

CPU usage for viddler player: 50-60%

CPU usage for original file (xvid+MP3) in MPC: 6-9%

CPU usage for original file (xvid+MP3) in VLC: 2-5%

Let’s compare Viddler to youtube

30 fps video on youtube: 6-12% CPU usage

30 fps video on viddler: 34-36% CPU usage

It’s a shame. The only video hosting service that allows 60 fps has a CPU usage that probably floods one of my CPU cores to the point where it has to drop frames. In fact, core #1 is stuck around 90%, which isn’t a good sign, especially since it’s mostly running on that one core. For stable and smooth playback, you want to keep it under 80%.

This is running on a Phenom X3 with a Radeon 4870, not exactly a slouch, but not exactly a top-of-the-line PC, either. There’s a ton of people out there with a slower rig than I have. You might as well cut the frame rate to 30 fps on viddler, which takes away viddler’s advantage. We tried a bunch of others like Veoh and Gametrailers, but they also cut the frame rate.

33% on a tri-core system is bad because it indicates that a single-core CPU might not be able to play a 30 fps stream without frame drops. Also, I’m not going to knock down VideoLAN (VLC) down as much as I used to.

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