Shards, another game design by me

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This is a game design I came up with. I couldn’t enter the Game Design Challenge because I found out about this challenge 3 days late. However, I suppose I’ll post it  since I can’t afford to make an MMO. Shoot, I have no idea if I can finish a single-player RPG!

I want to get better at game design, and occasionally release some to the public. I suppose I’ll give this one a GPLv3 license. In English, if you release anything with it, you have to release the game design.


A mysterious force is spreading through space and time. At these points, the local residents investigate what’s happening. The people get zapped and find themselves at different places and times.

At every place and time, that person becomes different person living a different life. That person can find himself living that life for only x hours a week, before the rift destabilizes again and the person has to live in another body. The person only remembers some of the details of the other life.

Each life has different classes, different atmosphere, different species, and a different culture.  Some worlds are entirely human. Some worlds are entirely different creatures. Some worlds have a mix. Some worlds are parallel worlds to each other (to explain different game servers).

This game is designed not just around alternate characters, but also alternate universes. Each alt starts at level 0 or 1, however, with the alternate universes, you can get plenty of questing, character building, and you can get a great chance for exploration. So, if you play a lot, you have to divide your time between realities. If you play a little, you can choose to divide your time amongst all realities, or concentrate on a handful.

I would also like the storylines to cross between realities, yet only a small amount of skills in order to keep from offsetting the game’s balance. The multi-reality quests should also only show up if the person qualifies for them in both realities. If there’s a basic tutorial level, I feel that the player should only do it once for things common to all realities.

I would like to keep the game design open-ended because “How many is too much?”, “How many is too little?”, and “What makes sense?”

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  1. Joe Says:

    Oh yeah. The challenge is here:

    Basically, you are making an MMO that lets casual MMO players be balanced with hardcore players

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