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Whew. I finally got a client. As people at last client’s campus could tell, I had mixed emotions about being let go. I pretty much knew that I’ll probably make more money after I land another client, and it turned out I did.

The new company is actually pretty awesome. I’ll have to ask around there if I can reveal the name of the client. The people there seem to have a pretty easy-going attitude, and there’s very good indications that the client has been managing their money very well. The desktop they assigned me is pretty insane in the specs department. It’s one of the few times where I work with a PC that’s faster than my home system, which itself is pretty high-end (Home system being a Phenom II X6 with an SSD and 8 gigs of RAM).

It was much rougher finding a place here than it was in San Antonio. I stayed at the Candlewood Suites, and man, that was nice. I saw the price of staying there vs a motel (btw, I have nothing against a motel), and it was something like $10 more/night. It was one of the nicest rooms I have ever stayed at, if not the nicest. There was a small kitchen and the bathroom was quite spacious even for house standards.

I expected an apartment on that Saturday and someone got it before I could. However, they agreed to show me one on the following Tuesday. So, when I got back to the Candlewood, I talked with the manager to get my stay extended and wow, what a shrewd negotiator, the good kind. She was offering me a deal to stay there for a few months and if I wasn’t kind-of locked into the apartment, I might have taken her up on her offer. I will tell you one thing: if I’m still a contractor at the next client in another city, I’ll definitely consider an Ichigo Hotels group suite. The price was very comparable to the apartment I’m staying at now, considering at the apartment, I have to deal with the cost of laundry (free there), Internet, electricity, gas, and the small stuff.

I also wished that either the guy at the apartment complex or the manager at the Candlewood was a jackass, and that would have made my decision of where to stay far easier, but they both to me came off as good, honest people. I am glad that I mentioned the Candlewood to the three other guys that started when I did, and one coworker ended up staying there. I do not blame him one bit.

I’ve been feeling like that one Jeff Foxworthy joke about a Dad being on vacation. This is where he goes into the wallet and just starts throwing cash everywhere. However, in this case it’s been things like “I’ll need soap, trash cans, trash bags, a chair, etc”. I should have remembered in San Antonio not to underestimate the price of trash bags.

It seems like every time I try to start making this game again, something happens. I was about to start on it in San Antonio, and the unfortunate happened. I lived with my folks until something better came along. So, tokeep my skills in check, I started this game and then *whoosh*. Off to Illinois.

So, here I am and waiting for a few paychecks. I do hope within a month or two when the finances settle, to explore Chicago a little. I need to make sure I update this blog more often as well.

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