Found an incredible laundromat in Elgin, Il: Mi Lavanderia(My Laundromat)

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Well, I tried to add this store to Yelp and Google Places, but Yelp needs the guy to have a website and Google Places only lets me add reviews to others. So, I’ll help put this guy on the map. I love honest people, and I know that my website ends up on Bing and Google.

Mi Lavanderia (My Laundromat)
830 Summit St, Elgin, IL 60120

I signed up to Yelp to give this guy a review, but yeah, since he doesn’t have a website, you can’t add it to Yelp. Anyways, the dude bought the place 2 years ago and man, he knows how to serve customers. He also really easy to become friends with.

This Laundromat just feels like its run the old-fashioned way, but in the best ways. The owner is incredibly nice and helpful. Despite its outwards appearance, I felt pretty safe inside the place.

And man, the owner is incredibly helpful. He’ll get you to the best machines in the place, and he even helped me get my laundry out of the car. There’s a fridge with lot of different drinks, including Mexican soda.

However, the following things he said to me got my attention:

“Hey man, your car trunk got open!” “Want to watch a particular TV channel, just let me know” “Wait man. Are you putting quarters in? Drying is free with a wash here. Did you put two in? Here’s your money back!” “Hey, you can take a cart to get your clothes.”

As of today, they are running a $1.50 special on mid-sized washers on Wednesdays.

I’m not sure if the place is the cheapest around. However, the customer service the owner provided was simply some of the best I ever got. I’ll be coming back next time I need to use a laundromat.

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