Wow. I never knew it could get this far

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Wow. I’m surprised that my PC got this far. I never expected to use this many drive letters. Okay, 3 of them are due to an external hard drive and 2 of them are my MP3 player, but I’m almost out on Windows!

Running out of drive letters!

So, how did this happen, you may ask? Simple. Some of those partitions are ancient. My PC still has Windows 2000 on it! Two of the partitions are taken up Windows XP x64 and a 2nd copy of Windows 7. So, I guess if it gets bad enough, I could hide the extra Windows 7 copy when running off the SSD.

I originally partitioned my drive to organize things. What I found is that it’s easier to upgrade the hard drive, then clone the partition to the new one while expanding it at the same time. As you can see, it worked really well. However, I ended up with a lot of extra space, so I used that space to make a general-purpose partition. And here I am, just today I ordered another hard drive. I do only plan on creating only 1 extra partition.

Now, on one fine day, I pushed my luck. I created 26 partitions, from A: to Z:. What happened is that I just ran out. I couldn’t create any more. The legendary AA: didn’t exist, which I kind of wish did because it would make organizing things a little easier.

Anyways, they say the solution is that you can mount the drive as a directory on another drive if you run out, kind-of like they do on Linux (/etc/opt2, for example). So, you can have C:\I_filled_all_26\ as your new drive.

Update: I found out that it’s possible, at least in the command-line, to assign 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 0: !: @: ): (: -: +:

The ): (: might be fun for scripting purposes

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