The Princess Blade is a story that takes place in a fantasy world.

A long time ago, a darkness overwhelmed the country. It infected men and monsters with an evil energy and caused them to attack the peaceful kingdoms. Armies of men were sent to fight it off, but it was no use. Some of those men would be contaminated by the darkness, and chaos would reign in their ranks. They realized that the pure in heart were not affected.

There are basically two places where there were a lot of strong, pure people: the clergy, and princesses. However, holy followers aren’t allowed to use don’t like to use violence, so young princesses ended up being called to arms. A swordsmith forged the Princess Blades, each made with a little bit of a spirit of a fallen maiden. If a maiden holds the sword and it glows, it means that the sword has chosen her. Sometimes the swords will slip out of a woman’s hand or even burn it if she was rejected.

This story happens a few centuries later. A young merchant man was given a task by his father to take a wagon full of goods and to sell them in a nearby town. With him, his best friend, who he shares some of the profit with in exchange for protection. They ride out of town only to see a fight up ahead. They hide, only to meet their fate…

Joe is the creator of this story, and the maker of this website. He has a degree in computer science, has a background in music, and a lighter background in art. However, he loves gaming, and sees it as a convergence of art, math, music, and creation. He also feels weird writing about himself in the third person.